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Emergency & Operational No: +353 (0) 21 241 1131  +353 85 7219897
Sales: +353 (0) 21 241 1131  +353 87 412 8982
Sales: +353 (0) 21 241 1131  +353 89 960 3891
Web: www.englishtalks.ie  
E-Mail: info@englishtalks.ie
Address: 9 St. Patrick’s, Hill, Cork – T23 KNV9 Ireland
Corporate Office: 19 St. Patrick’s, Hill Cork – T23 WDP7 Ireland

Our Team

The International support team are here to help you throughout your time at the English Talks.

The International Office is equipped to assist you with many non-academic queries including; immigration support, banking support, induction, registration etc.

If you have any questions relating to any of the non-academic queries above, you can email support@englishtalks.ie or you’re International Office Representative;

General Quires (Booking, Visas: info@englishtalks.ie
Admin, Finance & Accommodation: admin@englishtalks.ie
Support, Insurance, Attendance & Exam: support@englishtalks.ie
Portuguese (Sales, & Pricing Only): brazil@englishtalks.ie
Turkey (Sales & Pricing Only): turkey@englishtalks.ie
Spanish (Sales & Pricing Only):  latin@englishtalks.ie
Asia (Sales & Pricing Only): asia@englishtalks.ie
Europe & Africa (Sales & Pricing Only):  marketing@englishtalks.ie
Academic issues, Complaints, help: support@englishtalks.ie

Your arrival

Planning for your arrival

The rules for travelling into Ireland during the pandemic are constantly changing.

Prior to your departure you will need, conduct the appropriate check with the School & Agent no later than 5 working days before departure to make sure everything is okay. It is the student’s responsibility to keep themselves updated and familiar with international rules, regulations & laws of airlines, visas, transit visas, travelling guideline and government regulations during the flight and after arrival to Ireland, their stay and any pandemic updates.

Document Checklist

    Yes ☐   No 

  • Visa required prior to travel to  Ireland 
    or non-visa required prior to travel to Ireland 
  • Valid Passport 
  • Vaccine Certificate / PCR Test (if Required) 
  • Return flight Ticket confirmation copy: 
  • English Talks Confirmation Letter 
  • English Talks Payment receipt (Paid Full) 
  • English Talks (Medical  Insurance) 
  • English Talks (Accommodation confirmation Letter) 
  • Placement test (English Language Proficiency test) to check up your 


Airline Tickets

The school does not sell airline tickets and or organise travel arrangements. Students are advised to take a round trip flight to avoid problems with airlines or immigration when travelling; the return journey should be counted at 33 weeks which is the duration of the English language student visa at the discretion of the immigration officer. It is the responsibility of the student to purchase their mode of travel for connections and stopovers in visa-required countries.


Placement Test

English Talks will send you a link for an online Placement Test about 2/4 weeks before of your course starts: This must be taken to determine the level at which each student will enter their course. This test will be available on the school’s Website on lower section “Free Placement Test” you can do this test max 4 weeks before your course starts and must be completed no later than 1 week before your trip https://englishtalks.ie/test/


 Academic Year (Work & Study) Courses (Academic Year)

You must check your course before completing your placement test: Is it an (Academic Year) 25 week General English Course plus IELTS Exam or a 25 Week IELTS exam Prep or a 25 Week Cambridge exam? Our  Programmes of 25 weeks General English or more of study are known as Academic Year Programmes and include English with the option of an IELTS or Cambridge or TIE exam preparation course, as long as the required level of English for entry is met within the timetable and weeks contracted.


Cork to Airport Accommodation

Cork Airport to Cork accommodation time is about 15-20 minutes. Due to Covid-19 the collection is not safe for family and school representative from Cork Airport to accommodation. Therefore, on arrival to Cork airport at the Exit Door you will find many Taxi(s). You can get a taxi from outside the airport. This will cost approximately €20. English Talks will reimburse students who have a valid receipt up to the value of €20, if this cost is include in package.

Alternatively you can get a Bus from outside the airport.

The 226/226A bus leaves Cork Airport to the City Centre. The timetable is available on https://www.buseireann.ie/inner.php?id=406&form-view-timetables-from=&form-view-timetables-to=&form-view-timetables-route=226&form-view-timetables-submit=1

Note: *When you present your ticket at the School reception we will refund the cost of your ticket at the induction day only.


Dublin Airport to Cork by Bus-Stop 

Students who choose to arrive in Dublin Airport can take a bus from Dublin Airport to Cork city.

More information is available at http://www.aircoach.ie/  and http://www.buseireann.ie/

It is important to purchase your bus ticket as soon as possible (online in advance) and send the ticket confirmation to your advisor to confirm your arrival and accommodation (if requested). It is recommended that you arrive in Ireland before 5pm in order to reach your destination and arrive in Cork in good time. Buses have free internet on board and toilet facilities. Sample bus video from Dublin to Cork https://youtu.be/iDuN1YH__nk

Note: *When you present your ticket at the School reception we will refund the cost of your ticket at the induction day only.


Cork Bus Stop to Accommodation 

On arrival to Cork Bus-Stop you will find many Taxi(s) at street. You can get a taxi from to accommodation. This will cost approximately €6-8. English Talks will reimburse students who have a valid receipt up to the value of €8, if this cost is include in package.

Registration with local doctor 

Sickness can arrive without notice J so we recommend that you register with a local GP as soon as possible:

Fill out the application form or make an appointment over the phone as per your choice and nearest location:

Cork City Medical Centre https://www.corkcitymedicalcentre.com/  021 422 2424.

Washington Street Medical Centre https://www.washingtonstreetmedical.com/  021 427 0948

My Cork GP https://mycorkgp.ie/contacts/north-main-street-medical-centre/  021 450 2838

St. Patrick’s Street Medical Centre https://www.patrickstreetmedicalcentre.ie/  021 427 8699


Accommodation provider Websites

The most popular way to find accommodation is using accommodation websites. The most popular accommodation search websites are: