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Welcome to English Talks, situated in the heart of Cork City in the South West of Ireland.

At English Talks, you will receive high quality English language classes from highly qualified native English teachers. From day one you will be placed in a class suitable to your level and will gain confidence with the English language. Whether you are starting your journey of mastering the English language or looking to improve your skills, you will find something for yourself. We offer English language classes at all CEFR levels (A1-C2), from beginner to advanced, including Business English, Academic English, specialised courses, pre-foundation and foundation programmes. All our courses are combined with social activities, cultural outings, historical trips, industrial or university visits. Such a diverse schedule aims to improve your English language skills in real life situations, at a more relaxed atmosphere or setting outside the classroom, increase your interaction with the locals and – last but not least – experience what this wonderful country and city has to offer. Our experienced and friendly teachers are ready to go the extra mile to make your learning experience with us unforgettable.

We also offer classes for complete beginners as a short course before A1 level. Business English and English for Special Purposes available for more advanced students.

Business English
0 Level – complete beginner

We are the first branch of English Talks in Ireland. Our courses are approved by the Dept of Education & INIS for international students. We are also an ACELS-recognized school, which means you can expect the highest quality standards at ET.


What we do?

English Talks builds your confidence from day one and increases your motivation when you see immediate results. It is one of the most effective language systems for anyone who wants to learn English. With a variety of levels to choose from and a student-centered methodology, English Talks offers more choice than any other typical English language training system. We’ll encourage you to speak English from your very first class. It will not be just classroom English, but language for real life situations.

We will also help you to facilitate your move to Ireland and ensure that it is a smooth and easy process. We offer assistance in course selection, VISA applications and administration, health insurance, transportation and accommodation. We are proud of the personal service we provide for each of our students and will be happy to look after you as best as possible both before and during your stay in Ireland.


From day one, you’ll be learning and practising your English language skills through a unique combination of personal study, tutorials and conversation classes. Our course material covers everyday scenarios so you learn real English for the real world. Each level of your course covers a wide range of learner resources to keep you interested and motivated.

The course material for each level includes:



Recorded Lectures

Face to Face Classes

Live online Classes

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One to One Classes