English Talks



I want to study in Ireland but have never studied abroad before. What should I start with?

Do not worry! The process is quite simple. Have a look at the courses we have on offer, choose the course you like and the date you want to start. You will find a short description of each course and the booking steps next to it.  Click on: Book now https://englishtalks.ie/application-booking/  to register. If you are still not sure what to do, just give us a call +353 85 721 98 97 or email on info@englishtalks.ie our friendly multi language speaking staff will assist you right away.

Does your staff speak Spanish or Portuguese? Multi languages?

Do not worry! Our staff speaks English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Chinese

I don’t know my current level of English? How can I check it?

A: Please take our free online placement testhttps://englishtalks.ie/placement-test1/  We will get the results right away and inform you by email within 1-2 days.

Where is the school?

English Talks is located in the centre of Cork city, only 15 min drive from Cork international airport, five minutes from the bus station, close  to city shopping centres, retail, pubs, cinemas, hotels, gyms, and other facilities.

When can I start my course?

You can start class any Monday (except for bank holidays and holiday breaks like Easter or Christmas when the school is closed). Please contact us for the full academic calendar.

How can I pay for the course?

You can by a Bank Transfer, Credit Card or PaytoStudy, TransferMate, Transferwise – choose the most convenient way for you.

Is my money safe?

Yes, it is. English Talks is covered by a special government protection called ‘Learner Protection’, which means that in case of an unlikely event of school closure, a student will receive their money back or will be transferred to a similar partner school/college delivering the same kind of course.

We work with ARACHAS insurance.

How big will my class be?

Classes are from minimum 6 -15 students max.

Who else will be studying with me?

We receive students from all over the world; after taking the placement test and interview students are put in to the right group.

What time are the classes?

You can study in the morning 9:00am -12:15pm or afternoon 1:00pm -4:15pm (with a 15 min. break at 11am and 3pm)

Where can I stay during my studies?

Accommodation can be arranged separately by the school from 1 week to 4 weeks or more. The most popular stay is with a host family or in a student apartment in a twin room.

How can I get to my accommodation from the airport?

If you’re staying with a host family, you will be collected by the host or a school representative (by previous arrangement). You can take a taxi from Cork airport, keep the receipt and we will refund you the cost (max. €20). If you arrive in Dublin, the most popular kind of transport is a bus/coach. The  journey to Cork tales only 3 hours and cost €15-€20. Comfortable coaches are available just outside the terminals. www.aircoach.ie , www.goabus.ie , www.expressway.ie

Do I need medical insurance?

Yes, a medical insurance is obligatory. When you buy a course with us, the insurance is purchased by us.

I am a non-EU student. Can I work in Ireland?

If you want to work and study in Ireland, you should choose an academic programme of 25 weeks. You will be able to work up to 20hrs p/w and 40 hrs during holidays. We will explain the registration process to you and provide you with the relevant school documents. Just contact us any time.

Is there any social programme?

Yes, we organise many social and cultural activities, trips (local and national), informative visits, celebration days, etc. You will definitely not be bored here. Please visit our Photo Gallery

I liked my course and enjoyed my stay in Ireland. Can I buy another one?

Of course, you can renew your academic course twice. Just let us know at reception and we will be happy to assist you.

Do I have to take an exam at the end of my course?

Yes, it is compulsory to sit an end of course exam. You can choose TIE, Pearson, IELTS or Cambridge exam and register for it when enrolling on the course.


Will I get any certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, your progress will be monitored throughout your studies, you will take progress tests and the final test indicating your level of English. You will receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of your course with us.