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Health Sciences - Pharmacy

With International Commencement Programme

Teaching and assessments methods are designed to help students transition to higher degree level study and become familiar with the types of learning and assessments typically employed on pharmacy undergraduate degree programmes.

The course content is structured accordingly so that students can gradually begin to specialise in their subject area related to pharmaceutical sciences.

We teach the fundamentals in the first place and add modules selected by students. Pharmacists work in a variety of settings – community pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and within the pharmaceutical industry, to name just a few.

Whether continuing in further education or entering the job market, our students will call upon the skills they have gained from English Talks for years.

Other Health Science Programmes

F.A.Q's - International Commencement Programme

Simply fill out our online application form on this website with your selected programme and details. A member of staff will be in touch with you.

Yes, O levels or equivalent are sufficient for ICP entry along with an IELTS score of 4.5 (5.0 Health Sciences ICP)

Our dedicated staff will assist you in your decision making and university application process.